Nishant Sahoo

Software Developer

Data Science Internship at IBM, Bangalore, India

Interned for 8 weeks under Cognitive Computing and Advanced Analytics department. Developed a ChatBot to automate HR operations for a firm in the retail industry, and a document classification model for a firm in the finance industry.

Work at MTTN (Manipal The Talk Network)

• Head of Operations (April, 2018 - Present) - Managing a team of over 150 students, which includes Writers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Videographers, Artists and Software Application Developers, BDPR officials, across 10 colleges under Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

• Head of Photography (April, 2017 - April, 2018) - Managed a team of over 50 photographers and made sure that all photography assignments were completed properly and the photos clicked by the team members were processed and published on time.

• Software Application Developer (Feb, 2017 - Present) - Working on the official MTTN app along with a small team of software developers.

• Photographer (Feb, 2016 - Present)

Internship at Nagarro, Gurgaon

Developed a cross-platform e-commerce application using MERN (MySQL, Express, React, NodeJs) stack and electron.

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Internship at Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Gurgoan

Summer training: Interned for 6-weeks under the IT department, where I learned about the company's network technologies, and project management. I developed a Home Portal for the Engineering Division as my final project.

Work at CurioCity

• Web Developer - Developed a website for the NGO using HTML, CSS (Bootstrap) and hosted the page using Github Pages.

• Instructor - Taught English language to primary school students.

• Completed over 120 hours of community service.

Work at ACM, Manipal

• Core committee member

• Conducted a workshop on web scraping - Taught how to scrape Top 50 movies as rated by IMDB for a particular year using Python, and BeautifulSoup to a group of over 15 students.

• Web Developer - Worked on the official website of ACM, Manipal along with a small team of web developers.


Developed a model to predict stock market behaviour for NASDAQ 100 companies using Twitter Sentiment Analysis.

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SLCM (Student Life Cycle Management) App

Developed a cross platform mobile application for the students of Manipal Academy of Higher Education to view their SLCM details like enrollment information, important announcements, attendance, and internal marks.

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Developed a cross platform e-commerce application using MERN stack (MySQL, Express, React, NodeJs) as my final project during my internship at Nagarro.

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Fur Elise - Beethoven (Midi track)

Developed a midi track for Fur Elise using ScribbleTune, a Node.js module that helps you construct musical ideas with JavaScript String and Array functions and export them as MIDI files.

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IMDB Scraper

Developed a web scraper which retrieves a list of top 50 movies as rated by IMDB from the year 1898 to 2017 using Python and BeautifulSoup4.

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