Nishant Sahoo


  • Requiry (Based on Android, and Azure)

    • A social networking application for research projects. This project was developed during the Microsoft Hackathon, 2016 held at MIT, Manipal.

  • Website: CurioCity - Ongoing

    • Developed a website for "CurioCity", a student run non-profit organization based in Manipal.

  • MyCart (Nagarro)

    • Developed an E-commerce application using MERN stack (MySQL, Express, React, NodeJs)

  • Fur Elise - Beethoven (Midi track)

    • Built a midi track for Fur Elise using ScribbleTune (NodeJs)

  • IMDB Top 50 Movies

    • Developed a web scraper which scrapes a list of top 50 movies as rated by IMDB from the year 1898 to 2017 using Python and BeautifulSoup4.

  • Home Portal (MSIL, Gurgaon)

    • Developed a Home Portal for the Engineering Division as a project during my internship at MSIL, Gurugram.

  • MTTN App - Ongoing (Manipal The Talk Network)

    • Developed an Android app for the students of Manipal University to keep a track of their attendance, and allow them to read MTTN’s articles within the app itself.


  • Internship at Nagarro, Gurgaon - July 2017

    • Built a cross platform E-commerce application using MERN (MySQL, Express, React, NodeJs) stack and electron.

  • Internship at DXC, Noida - July 2017

    • Worked on a chat application using MEAN stack.

  • Work at MTTN (Manipal The Talk Network)

    • Photographer

    • Android Application Developer

    • Deputy Head, Photography (Creative)

  • Internship at MSIL, Gurgaon - July 2016

    • Summer training: Interned for 6-weeks under the IT department, where I learnt about the company's network technologies, and project management. I developed a Home Portal for the Engineering Division as my final project.

  • Work at CurioCity

    • Web Developer: Built a website for the NGO using HTML, CSS (Bootstrap) and hosted the page using Github Pages

    • Instructor

    • Photographer

  • Work at ACM, Manipal

    • Core committee member

    • Conducted a workshop on web scraping

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